Point cloud scalar values?


There are values from 2 and up applied to each point in the resulting pointcloud.

Are lower values the more accurate points?

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What field is this in? Is it not the classification value?

Doesn’t look like classification,

Isn’t classification a raster thing?

Point clouds get classified too according to an ASPRS scheme which is pretty nicely described here:

It’s the view count (stored in UserData); it indicates how many cameras have seen a point. Higher number → better.


Ah yeah, forgot about this:

An important userdata scalar to keep when you are manipulating the point cloud part-way through… .

And it is important to understand that while more views are better, some locations are unlikely to have more than 3 views due to occlusion, so while it is a quality indicator, don’t go to wild trying to make it “best” everywhere unless you have a use case that requires it.


Sounds strange as the lower values are much higher.
I wonder if the scale is reversed.

It represents how many camera positions can be seen for each point. As such it operates as a proxy for quality, as generally the more views you have, the better the quality of positional estimate you have for that location.

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With the images I have that feels strange looking at the result. I think that most points will bee seen in minimum three images.

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