Point Cloud like to 3D Print

Like to make a hard copy of point cloud on my Ultimaker S5 3D printer…
Problem is what is a good program to write to a stl/obj file format
Blender can’t do it
looking at CloudCompare worth it???
Suggestions helpful

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Blender should be able to.

But yeah, you can try CloudCompare and MeshLab.

Ok Thanks

Blender imports the Point Cloud, 5MB but writes a STL to only 1k and Cura can’t import it file empty or corrupt

Can you share your source data so I can try to reproduce locally?

Sorry, informatiom misleading working too late
CloudCompare reads and displays the file fine…Blender can’t import it error

File .9 gig
can’t upload “ply” file message when trying to upload

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You can host it on something like dronedb.app or another cloud service provider (OneDrive, Google Drive, etc)

Point Cloud

I can’t access that.

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