Point Cloud is not loading in WebODM

As stated, no point cloud is not loading. It used to load properly a few a days ago but for some reason, doesn’t anymore.

Computer Specs:
Processor: Intel i5-4310U CPU @ 2GHz 2.60GHz
Ram: 16GB
Graphics: (integrated)

Options Selected When Processing (used online webODM platform to process, not local system):
3D-tiles: true
auto-boundary: true
dem-resolution: 2.0
DSM: true
DTM: true
Mesh-Octree-Depth: 12
Mesh-size: 300000
pc-quality: high
use-3d-mesh: true

Browser: Microsoft Edge
OS: windows 10
Installed s/w through git and docker

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Are you creating the Task via the WebODM Lightning WebUI Dashboard (Drone & UAV Mapping Software | WebODM)?

If so, you’ll need to add --pc-ept to generate the PointCloud that the WebODM Desktop software will use to render in the 3D View.

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