Point cloud has no RGB

Hello, I’m having a strange issue where point clouds generate all black.

Platform: WebODM running on an Ubuntu 16.04 server.

Dataset: Sheffield Cross sample dataset (Sheffield Cross)

Parameters: dem-resolution: 2.0, use-opensfm-dense: true, orthophoto-resolution: 2.0, dsm: true, depthmap-resolution: 1000, rerun-from: dataset

openSFM_Dense required - (no rendering will complete on my server without openSFM_dense - cause unknown) - other than that this is pretty much the high-res default settings

If I select textured model, it shows correctly, but a colored point cloud would be much more useful (measurement tools etc).

Point Cloud:

Tried to paste in console log but the forum says it’s 10X the number of characters allowed per post.

Post edited: Originally was able to get a couple point clouds to generate colors, but have not been able to replicate.

Textured model:

Did you get a solution to this, I’m having the exact same problem, black point cloud, normal textured model orthophoto etc.

It’s only my one dataset, but it worked fine when I previously ran it on a different version of open drone map: Web Open Drone Map (WebODM) demo - YouTube