PNG and KML output request for All Deliverables (DTM, DSM, Plant Health, Contours), not just Ortho

I like to work and share outputs in the Google Earth environment.
Lately Ive had to do screen capture, save to PNG, and then overlay this manually in Google Earth
to save the images natively.

I would appreciate if WebODM would make it easier on us Google Earthers and
allow direct PNG exports of rendered DSM, DTM, Plant Health, and Contours in PNG as well as KMZ/KML so we can bring these into Google Earth.

they look fantastic in WebOMD, I need to bring them back down to (Google) Earth.


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Actually, orthos as KMZ are already possible to generate in ODM, but we need a contribution to bring them forward into nodeodm and webodm. Pull request very welcome: it should be a relatively simple project.

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im a little new to the community, but will try to find where to contribute for this…if i cant find where to donate…i will be back to ask…


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i assume an administrator needs to set this funding up. i will be the first to donate to this effort…thx.

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Mmm, normally not. would be where you’d do a little light reading and open an issue to make a fund we’d vote for.

However, that appears to be down for the moment.

…whats up with it being down do long?

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Not sure! I’ll ping Piero and let you know.

Back up and running.


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