Plot Cameras Only?

Is there a way to upload images and have them plot on a basemap with just the cameras (camera locations) and not the orthophoto only?

I have 360 photos, and I want to see where I took them from. If I try to upload a 360 photo, it doesn’t work.

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Have you looked into for visualization of your data?

I’ve not tried it with 360deg data yet, so if you do try, can you report back?

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Yep, check The desktop app lets you browse / see the pictures locations and flight path even without uploading them.


thanks for the suggestion! I tried it out, and it does work with 360’s; however, it isn’t overly helpful for my application as the basemap is open street map, and doesn’t have satellite imagery. I also couldn’t figure out how to remove the flight path, also not desired for my use.
So far AirData seems to be my best solution for overlaying on satellite imaging, but isn’t ideal. seems to be a good tool for the arsenal, though.


Can you share some of these images? We could potentially fix it


Sure! Here’s a folder of a bunch on 100 acres

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I appreciate you taking a look at it. I have had webODM in my queue to start using, and I just purchased the installer today :slight_smile:

Going to shoot my first mapping (standard) for it tomorrow.


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