Please this desktop good for webODM or not

Hi, Please help.

I don’t know too much about hardware.

I want to add a desktop for farm drone process.
Do you think this is good for webOdm and pix4D and
Other same type software?

Thank you.


Looks okay. I’d ask what the price is, especially for the 256GB RAM variant.

Also, what size farm are you flying? How many images are you thinking you’re going to be processing at once? What resolution sensor?

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This is used one.
Brand new one is too expensive.

I fly quantix Mapper, 20MP sensor, usefully 100-1000Ac per flight. 1000 images

Looks like the GPU maybe a little outdate.

Thank you.

I wouldn’t worry about the GPU at all. Currently, it has a minimal impact on processing speed. That may well change later, but that’s also way easier to upgrade than CPU/RAM/Motherboard.

Do they have a model that comes with 512GB that will be in your budget? At this point, I’d say go for the fastest CPU you can with the most RAM, and don’t really worry about the GPU.


Thank you. I will look for option.

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