Playing with a local copy of UAVArena

First off, UAVArena is really cool. I downloaded UAVArena to try to play around with it and learn what you’ve done to make it work. I’ll admit my web programming is very rusty, I’ve not really touched more than basic HTML and CSS in the last 5 or so years and before that, I worked with PHP. I never really did much frontend work.

I have the files on my local server and while it loads the openmaps base maps, it does not load any of the datasets it comes with.

I found in main.js, starting at line 138:

if (window.location.href.toLowerCase().indexOf("") !== -1){ prefix = "/UAVArena/"; }

I’ve changed it to match my domain name and changed the prefix to match the sub folder I put it in, but this didn’t make a difference. Where should I be looking to make sure the scripts are looking in the right locations so it can server up the map tiles?

I’d open the Web Developers console from your browser (CTRL+SHIFT+J on Chrome/Firefox), reload the page and take note what URLs are not being loaded.

It looks like there are hardcoded references to UAVArena, I had a different folder name. Once I changed the name back to UAVArena, everything is working.