Plant Health Statistic Export

this is my first post here in the community and I hope I put it in the right place.

For research purposes, we use fairly simple technology with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro without a multispectral camera. Nevertheless, the planthealth option with, for example, the Vari-Index, offers a good opportunity to make certain statements about growth differences in a field.

For the further evaluation of the planthealth orthophotos, we have built a small tool using R. This allows areas to be classified to a certain extent. Or two areas, preferably one field, can also be compared with one another. The relative number of Vari values ​​is shown in a “density plot”. In this way certain statements can be made about the homogeneity of a surface.

At this point I have two questions:

  1. Would it be possible to include an option to display such a density plot and to export statistical data of the value distribution in addition to the geoTIFF file?

  2. What would be very practical for my purposes would be the option of exporting statistics showing the area proportions of the planthealth values. For example:

Mean value → 0.3 vari
Standard deviation → …

-0.5 (vari, ndvi …) → 0.3 hectares

-0.4 (vari, ndvi …) → 0.8 hectares

0.3 (vari, ndvi …) → 2.8 hectares

0.4 (vari, ndvi …) → …

I know that these recalculations are all possible using GIS software, R, Python, etc., but I can imagine that many users would appreciate the easy way of exporting statistical plant health calculations

Thank you in advance and thank you very much for your great work with ODM

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Great to see what work you’re doing with VARI.

These types of statistical/index analyses are a great addition to the WebODM platform, for sure.

For any feature request like this, we always appreciate code contributions.

Are you in a position where you could help create this functionality for the community?

If not, filing a feature request and seeing if we can set up a community funding initiative could be a way to go forward.

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Thank you again for your answer!
I just posted a feature request on the same topic so that this topic can now be closed?
By the way, how exactly does a community funding initiative work?

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Well, we discuss with the community and see if they’re interested in the project.

Also, we need to get an idea of what the develoopers think of the proposal.

If you think you have enough interest from everyone, you can open a funding proposal here :