Pictometry Data Processing

Hi I have pictometry data in .psi and .pmi format how can I process them

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I’m not aware of being able to use their data outside their tools.

Could you post example data so I can poke at it?

the data I have is in .psi and .pmi format, tried converting them to jpg but spatial reference is missing

You’d need to write a Worldfile (jpw) for each image. Possibly, you could write the spatial reference data into the EXIF, as well.

What tool are you using for the conversion?

Optionally, use a better format like geotiff so you don’t need Worldfiles

I don’t have any spatial information how can I write? and also the data size is huge with more then 1000 images.

I converted the files in global mapper and also if extension is changed to ,jpg it can be simply viewed as picture viewer

The original Pictometry data should be spatially referenced, so that is being lost during conversion.

how to know if those psi or pmi files have the spatial information?

psi images can be directly opening in arcgis but it show spatial reference missing

what is the software to process pictometry data?

That doesn’t mean the images aren’t projected, it just means ArcGIS can’t find the projection file.

Please provide sample data, and an approximate site location.

EagleView ConnectExplorer would be my starting point.

means i can have the processing done in eagleview connect, sorry data is confidential can’t share