Photoscan vs ODM

Hello All,

I’m new in here. I use pix4d and agisoft photoscan. This week, i explore opendronemap and I try it with some datasets. I have thermal dataset from our last drone flight. You can see below two different results. How can i get good result with ODM as Agisoft Photoscan?

i’ve made a similar question, and is more or less still open, about the huge difference between precisionmapper results vs webodm / odm .
It has to do with tweaking the settings and in some cases, the same photos appear as holes on webodm/odm and on precisionmapper it fills in the walls perfectly.
I’m lead to believe that there is more behind the meshing process that isn’t taken in account in the software pipeline.


PS: the exact same dataset is used in both processes




How do these look with MicMac?:

I’m not sure who the question was for, but in my case, I have:

orthophoto is acceptable (4/5);
3dmodel is acceptable (4/5);
3dmodel(textured) not acceptable (2/5);

webodm (highresolution):
orthophoto is acceptable (3/5);
3dmodel is acceptable (3/5);
3dmodel(textured) not acceptable (2/5);

nodemicmac having taken 3h54m compared the the webodm (3h34m) shows that there is some improvements with the same dataset (98 images @ 77m AGL).

right now i’m trying the dataset with the white coloured buildings to test the difference between webodm vs micmac


Hi again,

I would like to mention that on a new 212 image dataset, it completes on webodm but it freezes on micmac.

any ideas?


I’m trying for two days. I’m getting same error.

are there any update about micmac?