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I have been working on a time series of a crop (banana) for the analysis of a disease (panama disease) in a small area (2 Ha), with a mavic pro, at a height of 50 m, with an overlap of 80-70 (GSD 1.5 cm/px), using dronedeploy for the flight plan. The problem I have is that in the last flight, some photos were not incorporated into the orthophoto.

I made a second flight, and it was even more surprising, because it only reconstructed an even smaller fraction of the flight plan.

The images shown here are the first flight plan; the results were obtained with WebODM 1.8.3, on an Intel® Celeron(R) CPU G1820 @ 2.70GHz × 2 with 6Gb in Ram, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

I used the pre-set fast-orthophoto and high-resolution and in both cases there were a gap in the reconstruction.

I am sharing a folder in drive with the photos in case someone wants to experiment with the images and analyze what happens with this workflow.

Thanks in advance to any collaborations and contributions to this thread.

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Try increasing the --feature-quality and --min-num-features settings. It might help.


Increasing matcher-neighbors can also sometimes help.


Thanks for your comments. I made some changes and this was the results

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Make sure you have enough credits if you are processing using the cloud nodes (

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Got it!! Thanks for the support.


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