Photos mislocated in ortho, dsm, model

Using WebODM 1.9.16
I processed ~ 1800 Zenmuse P1 photos and an error occurred which I havent encountered before. Several series of photos have been misplaced in the ortho leaving holes where they should have been and an anomalous area comprising the bunched up photos. This occurs with ortho, dsm, dtm and 3d model
The photos are rtk tagged and I included a gcp file. I dont see any connection between these problem areas.
The photos were successfully processed in DJI Terra (last image).
Where should I begin investigating?

Orb only has a max of 15000 features extracted, concentrated in the centre of the image, so forested areas, especially if there is any wind, are less likely to be successfully matched.

I’d suggest matcher_type: flann and min_num_features: 25000 would be more successful, and perhaps ultra feature quality if you have sufficient RAM.

I have had this happen and enabling pc-rectify seemed to fix that. After enabling camera locations were where they should have been. what does the quality report look like? is there a big error on gps vertical?

You can try to change how ODM applies the images.

site 70% vegetation so I chose area. I will change as you suggested and see if it makes a difference

I will try that.

i will try pc rectify. Considering the misplaced photos the quality report shows huge errors

Excellent suggestions and those will help a lot. Also, if you are flying RTK, make sure either you have your accuracy flags in the exif correctly set or set your gps-accuracy to 2x your estimated maximum Z dilution of precision. This will ensure OpenDroneMap won’t move camera positions beyond that 2x threshold in order to match them.

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