Photo set not forming a consolidated image!Auv-5QlGCPQogZUb9CkP_GOqbD1zyQ?e=dnJbRc

Good evening, I have been using lightning for a while and rarely have any issues. I have geotagged the above photoset in mission planner and they appear to be tagged correctly however when processed I do not get a consolidated image.
I’m hoping someone could process / interpret what is going on



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This is the output image I’m getting ATM


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It’s possible that the model might be upside down (the Z axis could be flipped).

You said you manually geotagged the images? Did you add a vertical component to the images too? Where did the geo data come from?

How does the 3D model look like?

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Were you using a dataflash log to do the GeoTagging? Flying a 3DR Solo or something similar?

It looks like some of the attributes weren’t transferred to the GeoTags (namely direction and rotation) [though this shouldn’t really matter much].

At a quick glance, does this seem to represent your flight path properly (begin at red *, stop at blue +)?

I also noticed that seemingly, your camera might have had its accelerometer on for auto-rotating/leveling of the photos, so your effective sidelap/overlap seems to be changing randomly throughout the flight, which certainly could affect reconstruction negatively, especially if you designed the flightplan with the wide-axis perpendicular to the flight path and it collected a number of images with the long axis perpendicular to the flight path.


I have adjusted the the geotagging height its was registering a GPS height of 200 rather then the height of 80m AGL per the flight plan- which was correct for the flight - it looked like this might have fixed the problem but I have a new log, the logs do suggest also Z axis might be flipped . > to poor GSD. I have not done a 3D model just fast ortho, I have modelled this property many times for maintenance and proficiency.
@Saijin_Naib, I will go in and check camera settings particularly accelerometer. I tried to go through adjust the photos all manually- Geotagging was done with mission planner using dataflash, with a flight plan as you state long axis perpendicular. the CSV file has Lat Long, Hgt, direction tilt yaw and roll recorded - though I only see Lat long and Hgt when looking at exif data in photos.

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Unfortunately I have just checked and I cannot change the auto rotation on Sony A6000.
Below is the task output summary with new HGT data in exif …it was looking promising but now nearly 3 hrs on the last line.!Auv-5QlGCPQogZ4bvwSeXiVHIhY7dg?e=ZxWy40

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I am pleased - I have removed all my very bad images with>10deg tilt and images have processed - lost about 1/2 of my data ( but at lest now I have an image to show for it. Thankyou for all your suggestion and advice


Glad you’ve found success!

Don’t feel too bad, pruning data is all part of the process. I had numerous times where I had to throw out bad photos when doing Agricultural Field Survey work.

Hmm… I wonder if we might need to ask Michael Oborne to expand the tags that the Mission Planner Geotagging program writes out to the images to include things like dir/yaw/tilt/roll, etc.

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