Photo insertions and pixel adjustments

My project has a lot of scrub in the middle to the north end of the property … so many small limbs that it often gets hard to see the ground(even in individual photos). I have made markers for certain items(white, 6" wide, 4-6’ long), and these markers how up great … but, sometimes with ghosts.

I have, in the past(diff. program), “erased”, limbs that cross such items by simply connecting one end of a white marker to the other end, making the crossing portion of a limb disappear, and I’ve had success. But I have as of yet tried this in WebODM … will do, soon.

I also have lower flights that become too numerous(often over 1,000 photos), of which a number of these lower photos are very useful … I’m thinking very useful in eliminating my “ghosts”.

My problem is deciding where to insert these photos(I think GPS registered Hubsan Zino Mini SE).

does it really matter where a series of photos(20), are inserted … but should a lower flight with a clearer view of an area that is suffering “ghosts”, be inserted before the first higher/less optimal, photos are used in the session?

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If I’m understanding properly, you should just run the Task with every photo from that collect together and let the feature matching and extraction take care of what features get reconstructed.

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