PermissionError by using WebODM to launch the ClusterODM

I have 2 PCs and 1 laptop, I used one of the PC as a cluster and the other two as nodes.
There are 5567 images, and then I set split to 500, split-overlap to 150, and other specific parameters as shown in the figure.

The task ran smoothly for the first few hours and all three machines were running, but after the second day, I found that the queue of all three computers was 0/1 and reported the error shown in the figure.
PermissionError:[WinError 32] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

Is there a problem with my parameter settings? I hope you all have some answers! Thank you very much!

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Sorry for the trouble.

Is it possible the machines ran out of memory and crashed the process?

Can you repeat it with a smaller split grouping after rebooting all three machines? Maybe 250 or 125 images?

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Thank you for your kind help!
Last I failed the work,I also notice the memory is important.
But this time I set a large storage space and it is enough.
I also have tried with less images and it works!
Thanks again for your suggestion, I will try to reset the split and run again!

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