Permission request to use logos, screenshots, and/or partly translated documents of webODM

I am an university lecturer in Japan and am experienced in Metashape/Photoscan, but new to webODM. After some trials, I learned that webODM is comparable with expensive Metashape software especially when image set quality is good. So I want to introduce webODM to Japanese beginners in Japanese. I already have a couple of such webpages, but I concern about copyright of webODM logo, screenshots, and/or Japanese translation of the part of the documentation.
Q1: Can I use logos, screenshots, and/or partly translated documents of WebODM in my blog articles? Any reqirement? Q2: Do you have any web page or a document to explain about the copyright permission policy to this kind of question?
If you give me such permission, I will continue adding more explanations in my site. If you dont permit, then I will amend/remove it to meet your reqirement. Thank you in advance.


Wow! Thank you so much for your excellent work, and kind words!

I’m not super clear on permissions around our logos and such, so I can’t comment that way, but I do not think that quoting docs or screenshots (with links/citations back to the source material) would be any problem.

What might be even better potentially, would be if you might be interested (or know of students who might be interested) in helping us translate our docs into Japanese:

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In this case it is fine to use the logo/screenshots for documentation/articles purposes, so long as they refer to the original, unmodified version of WebODM.

We need to write an official trademark use policy and publish it. Thanks for reminding me!


Thank you very much for your kind permission. I look forward to seeing the official document soon.


Thank you very much. I will also examin your translation project to see if I can contribute it.


Wonderful! Thanks for taking a look!

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