Permanent Settings for Custom Basemaps

I have a feature request for folks that are working in an offline environment. Would it be possible in the 2D map rendering engine to allow preference to be saved with respect to the custom basemap?

When you enter a custom basemap, it correctly displays, but does not survive a refresh and it defaults back to google.

I humbly suggest that you allow this entire list to be customized somehow โ€“ either in settings (site wide) or even user by user. This would preferably allow multiple custom basemaps (satellite, openstreetview tile server, etc). When working in low bandwidth environments, I have found that bringing a few TBs of map data is not too terrible and i just run my own tiling servers.

Thanks again for an amazing product. the community behind webodm is amazing.


Could you open a feature request for this on Issues ยท OpenDroneMap/WebODM ยท GitHub ?

Also, if you can contribute/develop to this feature, please open a pull request.

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