Pc-sample issues

Ciao a tutti,
i am a new user and i need to work on a project for my thesis.

i have to get a pointcloud of some plants in a vineyard and i have been addressed on using some processing parameters including a pc-sample of 0.035
i find the pointcloud being too sparse with this setting, while if i use auto setting of pc sample, pointcloud is too dense. i need to use a less dense pointcloud, but if i set ex. 0.02 processing doesn’t work

find the pointcloud here:

output is the following: (with 0.035 pc-sample)

Intel(R) Core™ i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz processor with 64gb ram
windows 10 pro and nvidia geforce gtx 1650

hope you will help me find my way back home :slight_smile:

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Neither of those Google drive links is public


Welcome, Giacomo!

Have you thought about using something like CloudCompare for your cleaning/thinning of the pointcloud?

Also, what version of WebODM/ODM are you using?

You totally right, i am working on it

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i had to create a new google drive account, previous had limitations due to my Uni.



hope it will be helpful

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Ciao Saijin,
i currently use cloudcompare to “clean” pointclouds. i wanted to get lighter pointclouds to speedup calculations, i have dozens of items to process…

anyway, version is 1.9.14

hope this will help


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