Pause button?

I’m off grid here, and my 9 year old LiFePO4 battery has lost significant capacity, so running this image processing computer all night sometimes means I need to run the generator to charge the battery before sunrise.

Cancelling a task then using “resume processing” seems to repeat things that have already been done, although for most of them it finds the relevant output file, but it still takes time to get to those points.

Is there any chance a pause button could be introduced, enabling the computer to be turned off at say 10pm, saving progress details, and then have processing resumed from the same point in the morning when the computer is turned on after the sun comes up?

I suspect there are other reasons people do not want to run the computer all night- such as fan noise when sleeping in the same room.

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From my experience when I just close everything including docker and shut down computer it would pick up from where it was closed.
It save automatically every 300s if i remember correctly, which would be 5 min.
I hope someone can confirm this because it could be just a feeling too and it resumes from something else.
But it does resumes from my experience.


Hmm… task pause could be interesting to implement, but I fear we’d have to dump the entire working state out to disk to do this “safely” so we can survive program closing/crashing, power cycles, etc.

I’ve slept/resumed my machine with no issue. I imagine Hibernating would also work if you need true 0w standby, though that’s going to be quite a hefty pagefile on disk…

We don’t have deterministic time-based checkpointing. Do you mean you have Docker configured to take snapshots of the working state of the docker images on a five minute interval?

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No idea then… Somehow it works.
I have no specific settings outside of what it comes with.
I hope I’m not delusional lol

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in my experience sometimes works, sometimes it does not. I would not count on it.

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