Partial processing

how can one simple run only Orthographic map generation without spending machine resources on stuff like meshing ?

The closest we have to that is the fast ortho option.

looks like this option is not available. i get an error saying arguement is not valid

Did you try --fast-orthophoto found here: error: unrecognized arguments: --fast-orthophoto

@dakotabenjamin… any thoughts?

it looks like this feature works in web odm, and now i am even more confused, maybe i am ------- but could u please paste a cli command to run app with --fast-orthophoto option please.

Hi Anton,

Are you running v0.3? If you are, try installing from the master branch instead.

PS. Please avoid using offensive language in this forum in the future.

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Thanks boss, will try that now. sorry for bad language.

i am currently running 0.3.1