Parrot Sequoia Sunshine Sensor/Rolling Shutter

Hi all, still new to WebODM so apologies if this has been resolved. Does the main branch of WebODM/ODM incorporate changes made to support the Parrot Sequoia Sunshine sensor? What about rolling shutter correction?

I searched through the forum but I couldn’t see where the changes had been implemented in the main branch, nor what options to use when running ODM on Parrot Sequoia imagery.

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I do not believe we’ve had any contributions for Rolling Shutter Readout times for that sensor.

Are you able to help us with that?

Not as of yet - I haven’t found anything that hasn’t already been mentioned in the forum. My solution now is to fly slower.

What about the sunshine sensor calibration? Have those changes been implemented in the main code branch? The last I read on that was last year.

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I believe ckato3 intended to re-work their contribution at some point, but no, it is not merged at present.

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