P4 Multispectral - Download orthophoto of each band

I am trying to process a set of 5-band, multispectral images taken from a P4 Multispectral. I’ve already washed these through Pix4D and Agisoft Metashape – just to see what comes out – and have made some nice maps. However, WebODM was a neat, easy-looking solution that I wanted to see how it worked. My goal is to get an orthophoto out for each band.

However, it’s proving more difficult than expected. I’ve successfully uploaded the TIFs for all five bands, and that processed successfully using the multispectral defaults. However, when I download the orthophoto, the file seems to be corrupted – I cannot open or view it as I do other tiffs or geotiffs. I used an online TIF to PNG converter and got 5 images out. I’m guessing that these are the five bands, but they are all different sizes, and I do not know which image corresponds to which band. Any help on understanding the outputs from the multispectral processing method? The original imagery can be found here: Spaghetti Hole - Google Drive. I also put the 5 images from the TIF-to-PNG conversion in that folder as well.


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I wouldn’t recommend opening a multi-band GeoTIFF in anything but a GIS software like QGIS.

Can you verify that it works properly there?

GeoTIFFs are not typical imagery/photos, they’re Raster Data, so they can be hit or miss for support/rendering in typical Photo viewers.

Ah - got it. Yes – that is exactly it. I opened the GeoTIFF in QGIS and was able to isolate the individual bands. That’s exactly what I was looking for–thank you! Now I just need to learn how to use QGIS, but it looks like there’s a lot of help online.


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