Override image/ami and dockerImage in imageSizeMapping


I was working with autoscaler to do some tests and i had the crazy idea to try the GPU for large datasets.
The thing is, to do that i must change the image to opendronemap/nodeodm:gpu and my cloudProvider (scaleway) is asking for another machine image (ubuntu GPU) instead of my generic instance image.

So i was thinking, the simplest way to do that in the autoscaler is to allow optional parameters in imageSizeMapping such as image, ami (for aws) and dockerImage to tune with specific maxImages.

Then just modify the function getCreateArgs in each provider to handle this configuration. It is a small task and i would be willing to take it.

To handle GPUs, another optional parameter could be needed to add --gpus all to the docker run command

Would you be interested by such a feature?

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It sounds like it could be beneficial, so, welcome, and thanks for taking the time to help contribute something for us all!

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