Overlapping Flight Plan Starting Direction

So I know in the tutorial for WebODM is says that in order to get the best results you should fly two overlapping flight plans over the same area offset by 20 degrees. My question is do you need to have the drone’s starting and ending points be opposite for both flights since I have been always taught you want to have the drone flying into the wind when doing mapping missions for safety reasons.


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Starting and ending points don’t really matter provided the flight paths inbetween meet the requirements.


Thank you for once again saving me Saijin!

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No problem!

One trick I used a lot when I was doing Ag Field Survey was to use (as much as possible) one known good takeoff/landing location per field or cluster of fields, and just let my flight planning tool (usually Mission Planner or QGroundControl) set the flight transects within the boundary polygon according to my parameters.

It’d look something like this:

What this did for me was make it much easier to just setup shop somewhere to monitor the flight collection without having to tear down and move for every flight plan.


This looks pretty similar to what pattern I see when using something such as Drone Deploy given the fact you can have multiple plans inside the same project you can just create duplicates of said plan and slightly alter the height or other factors such as perhaps doing a basic flight then do a cross grid style for point clouds at a slightly lower height then just run the plans one after another.

I used that method for getting different layers at different heights for better zoom detail since Drone Deploy handles all the grid optimisations based on my preferred settings.

This made it pretty easy since both flights would overlay the previous and just be slightly different patterns because of the height change.

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