Overlap Geotif File Range

I accessed opensfm directory and found out that overlap.tif file inside stat directory.

I opened this file in QGIS and observed that the range is between 2 to 13. I have few questions related to it:

  1. What does this range indicate?
  2. I have seen in the report that ODM shows the range from 2 to 5+. How is it related to the percentage value?
  3. I have looked at the other Photogrammetry softwares report and they provide the range from 0 to 9+ which according to me corresponds to the percentage value. So, just trying to understand, Do they also get the similar type of overlap geotif file? And if yes, does their scale also vary from 2 to 13?
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Iā€™m not sure there is a hard-coded max. From when I last looked that that code, it should just be counting the max views per pixel during reconstruction, so conceivably, that could be greater or less than the 13 you found in your particular reconstruction.


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