Output file to overlay ortho on Google Earth

I’m new to WebODM and generating ortho’s and surface models etc. I would like to generate a file(s) that I can send to a customer so they can import the ortho into Google Earth Pro to view it. I am generating the ortho without issue using default settings but there is no KML/KMZ file being generated. Do I need thaat to import to Google Earth? I tried dragging/dropping the ortho into GE and that didn’t work either.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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Drag and drop into GE works for me (file has to have georeference info), but with the ortho .tif you’ll probably have to rescale it (it gives you several options), losing some of the resolution, at least with large files.

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Using the WebODM UI, starting with v.1.9.11, you can export KML from the 2D Map View:


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