Output data

I have problem with opening DEM/DSM model (which is in GEOTIFF format). Can somebody tell me where could be problem? ArcGiss will open it but just in unworkable, abridgment form. (added in screeenshot)
Thank you

I think you’ll have to provide more detail. How is it abridged or unworkable?

Are you familiar with GIS software?

It looks as I would expect on first load. The ArcMap Table of Contents shows the range of values in the raster. It is not styled in the manner of how WebODM shows it. This is something you have to do yourself.

Right click the layer > Properties > then Styling or Symbology (I havent used ArcMap in a bit… usually use QGIS these days).

You need to set up how the values are displayed, probably some sort of colour ramp.

As for using it, I think you need to google the relevant functions.