Output and Results of ODM


Could someone help me understand the workflow of ODM processing?

I understood few things from this link : Output and Results · OpenDroneMap/ODM Wiki · GitHub

Also tried processing few images successfully.However, I couldnt figure out what the other files in different output folders mean.
For eg: Opensfm has many files…

Also, any leads on where can i find the camera parameters - (both external and internal) being used by the program? I require something called as camera or projection matrix from those values.

I am new to computer vision discipline and trying to learn things.

Thank you.

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See this thread: Where can I find background information on the concepts of ODM? - #2 by pierotofy

Intrinsics parameters are stored in opensfm/camera_models.json, extrinsics are in opensfm/reconstruction.json and opensfm/geocoords_transformation.txt.

Welcome to the field!