Orthophoto WITH base GoogleMap?

Is it possible to export an Othophoto with the Google Map background?

I apologize if this is a stupid question, I’m not a GIS pro… I own a VERY small real estate company and we’ve just started using WebODM to do maps of some of the farms we sell. LOVE IT btw… you all are amazing.


That can be against the terms of usage for the background layers, especially if not attributed or watermarked, or over a certain number of tiles.

If you must do this workflow, QGIS would be my recommendation.

Or possibly seek out free satellite data like LandSat if the resolution is acceptable.

You can do this in Google earth pro once you have the mosaic image.

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@Samdrone Thank you. Can you point me to an article or post on how to do that please?

After you have your mosaic image, save it.
Install Google earth pro.
Open it, drag your mosaic image into the pro.
Follow directions.

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@SamDrone… you’re awesome! Thank you.

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