Orthophoto quality issues

Hi guys I try to make a good quality orthophoto but ODM keep failing for me where Drone Deploy doesn’t.
Even though I finally figured out how to get target resolution, I still get badly distorted trees (some of them, some of them perfectly fine), artifacts and other numerous glitches. Looks like problem with texturing. I use ODM command line with the following parameters

–min-num-features 18000
–feature-quality ultra
–pc-quality ultra
–mesh-size 600000
–orthophoto-resolution 2
–dem-resolution 2
–mesh-octree-depth 12

And I get this kind of results.

What else I could possibly do here, so my coconut trees, tree canopies over the roofs and roads and some other significant visual glitches of that sort to be gone?

You can try increasing mesh octree depth. I think we have it capped at 13.

How much overlap/sidelap do you have in those regions?

80% front and 70% side defaults for DJI Pilot app I use and the altitude is 100 m
I will try octree depth at 13 tonight will post the results.

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Used mesh octree depth 13 but still get a bit distorted trees and slightly roofs with my ultra high quality processing settings. Look a bit better though. 300+ images processing on the 32 core machine and 128Gb RAM took 8 hours :slight_smile: The quality usually drops closer to the edges of the orthophoto, but also sometimes not perfect in the middle of it.
I need nearly perfect quality tree tops because we train AI to recognize some specific trees on the ground. But still can’t get it same good like Drone Deploy does.

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