Orthophoto quality. Distorted tree canopy

Hi ODM community

I a dataset processed by WebODM under High Resolution template and then same dataset done by DroneDeploy at high quality settings.
The original GSD dataset was collected is 2.74 cm/px. I have got pretty neatly done orthophoto by DD that has the same GSD as the original, with all the textures rendered and applied correctly, but not so good result with ODM. With average GSD I am getting only around 6 cm/px, pretty blurred image and distorted tree canopies. It seems ODM particularly doesn’t like coconut trees as it always like to twist and splash them as you can see on attached images

Drone Deploy result

WebODM result

I have couple of questions. How can I get same quality results in ODM.

  1. What options possibly need to be tweaked in order to get decent looking orthophoto tif
  2. What should I do in order to make coconut trees canopies look like coconut trees canopies same like they seen in DD results.

–feature-quality ultra (or high)
–pc-quality ultra (or high)

You can also set --orthophoto-resolution 1 and --dem-resolution 1. It should help get you closer to the GSD you collected at without the dangers of --ignore-gsd.

Another option might be to bump --min-num-features up to 12k or 16k to help it match better.

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Thanks a lot!
Will try it and update how it went. It maybe also a good idea to add a template like that in WebODM so if somebody need to get highest quality orthophoto. there would be no need doing numerous runs with different settings trying to figure out the right options recipe. Sort of you need best quality result? Make sure your hardware is capable and it will hurt, but there you go, use this template. :slight_smile:

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