Orthophoto perfect, point cloud perfect, textured 3D model total chaos. what is wrong?

Dear ODM Community,

i am really hyped about the improvements and general development of ODM!

Running on the M1Pro (10 core CPU, 32gb RAM) over Docker. bought the installer.
latest WebODM, latest Docker. WebODM uses the unified memory perfectly. All 10 cores are in use.
Dataset: 73 images from Phantom 4 Pro v2
Overlap 85% side overlap: 85%

auto-boundary: true, debug: true, dsm: true, dtm: true, gps-accuracy: 10, orthophoto-resolution: 1.5, pc-classify: true, pc-geometric: true, pc-quality: high, verbose: true
Average GSD: 1,37 cm
Areal: 7.205,24 m²
Reconstructed Points: 12.231.990

The Orthophoto looks great!
The point cloud as well.
But the structured model is a mess.
I know that dataset isn meant for 3D models, due to only vertical and no oblique images. In the past, i was able to generate some 3D models with only vertical images but on an amd 5950x mit a bit more ram.

is it only a problem with the M1Pro?

i appreciate any help.
(sorry for my bad english)

greetings, Johann from the University Kassel Germany

Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-23 um 15.13.41
Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-23 um 15.14.03
Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-23 um 15.15.12

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The 3D model should be good, the problem is the texture is not loaded properly. I’ve seen similar 3D models in the recent updates in other viewers. I guess it’s probably due to the texture image size changes applied recently?



Welcome! Glad you’re doing well with the new M1 and WebODM, but sorry this task processed strangely.

Are you able to share the all.zip somewhere like dronedb.app so we can take a look?

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thank you so much for the quick response!

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Huh… I don’t think it is you… I was expecting it to maybe be a max texture size limitation issue with your integrated GPU, but nope.

I think we somehow broke PoTree with that dataset! Look how the “textured” areas are largely null, showing the PoTree default empty background color, and still showing the sidebar texture when moved over where it used to be displayed.

Looks like Blender 2.93 LTS can handle it, however:


This looks exactly like what I have in meshlab. The problem is the first texture image is too large to be loaded, and it contains most of the textures. But the other textures images are relatively small, so they can still be seen in the 3D model.
Screenshot from 2021-11-23 17-31-08


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