Orthophoto missaligned

channel Hello, can you tell me why my orthophoto is missaligned with the map? is it my compass?

It shouldn’t be your compass — OpenDroneMap doesn’t pay any attention to your compass. Can you plot your image centers and see where the GPS of the drone thought you were?

channel Thanks smathermather, I traced the real position of the channel in yellow

Understood. Can you extract the camera positions and place them on the map?

Also, are you using just exif data or are there GCPs involved in your processing too?

  • Camera Position:
    199354.45, 1552830.12, -0.88
  • Camera Target:
    199358.65, 1552878.04, 5.03

And no, I can´t set GCPs yet but would love to do it w/out more hardware, any cellphone app advised that can do it?