Orthophoto lighting issue

I’ve processed this orthophoto a few times and each time with different settings the lighting for the orthophoto is a gradient or just odd. Here is the latest:


What settings can I change to avoid this? I know it is not an issue with images as they do not look like the output orthophoto and I’ve processed them before without this issue.

I took a screenshot so that other people don’t have to download the entire file:

There’s little you can tweak. This is a bug that has been reported and will be fixed as soon as Regularization by pierotofy · Pull Request #3 · OpenDroneMap/mvs-texturing · GitHub gets merged in.

You could pass --texturing-skip-global-seam-leveling temporarely to mitigate the issue, but you’ll get some color differences between the seams.

@smathermather only you and Dakota can currently merge pull requests on the mvs-texturing repo :smile: so it’s your call for when the fix is ready and tested.

Merged. And now you have rights on that repo too. :smiley:

:clap: Awesome! @Daniel_Myers do an update sometimes tomorrow. The docker images will have been rebuilt by then.

Thank you!!!

It might actually be a few days before we can rebuild the images… currently getting an error due to some python packages that have been updated. :frowning:

Will need to troubleshoot that as well.

Ok new images are up! Please update and let us know if this is fixed. :sunny:

it is fixed! thank you guys you are the best!

In testing, it is much better, but still noticeable for a large enough dataset.



(FWIW, there are some shape difference due to different settings in octree depth, but that’s expected).