Orthophoto issues

New user and currently trying to process my first set of data. My 3D map comes out completely normal, but my ortho seems to be really low res and the base map never shows. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


What settings did you use?

I’ve tried default settings, tried with ignore-gsd, and have tried manually setting the resolution. Setting the resolution to 0.1 fixes the resolution issue, but I still dont get a base map. The distance measurements in the bottom left are also way off.

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Do your images contain lat, long and altitude info in EXIF?

Zoom out of the ortho as much as you can, which should show where it is located.

They do.

Ah, zooming all the way out has me in the middle of the atlantic ocean.

As I suspected, the reason for no base map :slight_smile:

What drone are you using? It seems that the geolocation info is not being picked up.

Air 2s

Strange that the positions are not being picked up, have you done any conversions/editing to the original drone images?

BTW, nice image of the Veil nebula :slight_smile:

I lens corrected the raws and exported them to png. Location data in the EXIF is correct on the pngs.

Thanks haha, I did astrophotography for a bit but unfortunately cant do it anymore, so drone stuff will be replacing that hobby, and hopefully can be less of a money pit and actually make some income.

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Lens correction isn’t a good idea, can you run the task again using the raw images?
I think that should produce a good result.

Even though you can see the geolocation data in EXIF, I suspect there is some subtle difference that’s causing the problem.

Yea, astrophotography - it’s like a black hole for your money :wink:

I cant use the raws as they are .DNG files. Ill probably just shoot a new data set, since I forgot to save raw+jpg and only have the raws.

One other thought, I’ve seen that low res ortho before- I tried processing raw files from my M2P, and found that the images are very small cf the JPGs, so the effective GSD is much larger than you expect.

What pixel dimensions do your raw files have?

It’s best to just go with high quality JPGs if your raw files are small.

raws are 5464x3640

Did the PNG files have the same dimensions?


OK, I think if you can just save in JPG in the drone and use those images with no processing, you should get a good correctly located ortho, and 3D model.

I’ll give it a try, will report back.


JPG solved it.