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Hey OpenDroneMap community!

I am a farmer from Germany and already used WebODM a few times to create some biomass maps of our fields. In a new side project I flew a 100m high grid mission with out DJI Mavic Mini with the goal to create a wallpaper of our farm and its surroundings. The final goal is to fly one time in each season to create an “A year on our farm” wallpaper.

The mission consists of 275 photos and a few GCPs. First I flew a lawnmower pattern with nadir camera angle and a second time in a grid pattern with a -80° angle. I created the orthopoto using the “fast orthophoto” setting.

Sadly I still have some artefacts in the final picture. They especially are visible at the rooftops with solar panels and in a niche between house and trees.

Is this maybe related to the fact that on the one hand I have big open fields and on the other hand some narrow and high buildings?

I am open for improvement suggestions either in flight planning or in processing. Let me know what you think!
Wallpaper_fast_orthophoto_report.pdf (5.3 MB)

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Have you tried ortophoto from mesh? Might be worth a try.


Agreed: fast orthophoto really only works for super flat things and only with nadir shots. Try first with default, and then we can help you improve your settings from there.


I actually create ortophotos from the pointcloud, in CloudCompare. It looks great as long as you have enuf points. Although trees doesn’t look good, things that move with the wind. But I use it for technical reasons so it doesn’t bother me.

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Thanks for your fast replies and suggestions!

I ran the process again with default settings except for “skip 3d model”. The result is way better than the old orthomosaic and nearly perfect for my purpose. But of course I am curious to learn what settings you would tweak first to make it even better.


pc_geometric: true may help with buildings, sharp edges etc


It can also help with trees (currently at the cost of a bit thinner point cloud density), but this should all be addressed in an upcoming release, so experiment with it now and see if you like it!


pc_geometric: true definitly helped with the buildings, thanks @Gordon!

Right now the most noticable artefacts are black spots around some buildings. In your opinions, is this also fixable with processing settings or do I have to consider another flight path for the 3 other planned flights?

Btw, alignment of the solar panels on the right roof is perfect now. On the left one there is just a little bit of misalignment happening. Is this due to the bad GPS positioning in the DJI Mavic Mini or another processing tweak?


Might be because lack of overlap.

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Now, if you have the memory for it and are running locally, set your feature-quality to ultra and do the same for pc-quality.

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