Orthophoto from one drone image and GCP


I’m just starting with OpenDroneMap and mapping with a DJI Mavic Drone. I made an Account on WebODM Lightning for shortening the installation process.

I would like to rectify one single image and georeference it. So I have one image of an area with multiple GCPs. How can I generate a GeoTIFF image that is transformed correctly to match the GCP best (in a least square manner?). I always get the error that I need more pictures that have more overlapping. But this is not what I intend to do. I could find the correct settings.

Thank you in advance for your tipps and hints!

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You might want to use a different program, such as QGIS, to perform that task. WebODM is not the right program to use :slight_smile:



+1 with pierotofy. QGIS works great with your single image, whereas ODM will assemble multiple images into one product.

BTW - Your Mavic has an electronic rolling shutter, which will give you problems with mapping unless you pause the flight at each photo. Like you, I started mapping with the Mavic and found that straight lines mapped into curved lines because of this effect. When I went to a global (mechanical) shutter with the Phantom 4 Pro, that solved the problem all together. This is a well known issue discussed extensively in other forums. You can still get the job done with the Mavic, but to get good precision, you’ll need to stop at each photo. Adds greatly to time and batteries to fly a site, but you can still get the job done with precision. Hope this helps… Bob R.


Thank you very much for the details. :+1: I’m more into the topic now and got my first good results thanks to your information about the rolling shutter! :grinning:


Curious as to how you did it! Did you use the Georeferencer plugin?

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Hi, what if the image is from front / side camera. Can we use QGIS for that as well?

Refer: Find projection of every pixel in drone image / Find overlaping image parts - #4 by INF800