Orthophoto for mine detection

I have taken 140 photos with the Phantom 4 advanced at a resolution of 5472x3648 at an altitude of 10 meters.
I want to use WebODM to create the orthophoto. I would like the detail to be the same as on the photos taken by the drone.

What would be the correct WebODM settings for this?

Later I want to use this technology for AI PFM-1 butterfly mine detection in cooperation with de-mine.com

So far the resolution is really low on my first tests.


You can set the resolution in settings.

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The setting is “orthophoto-resolution (float > 0.0)”

I usually use 1 or 0.5 for the resolution. Lower number = higher resolution/detail. The default is 5. The lower the number, the longer it will take to process and the file will be larger.


Higher resolution equals larger size and time

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Really excellent application of sUAS data for helping keep folks safe. Love it!

Looks like your GSD should be about 0.3cm/px, so set --dem-resolution and --orthophoto resolution to 0.3 or finer.



I was struggling getting sharp photo’s but they are getting better and better. I posted about this topic on the dronelink forum.

Once I manage to get the orthophoto creation right I will lay 10 dummy PFM-1 butterfly mines in the field and fly the mission again. Then it is up to de-mine.com to AI detect the mines.

The end goal is to AI detect landmines in Ukraine for www.eyesonukraine.eu

I will upgrade my PC. With i58600 CPU and GTX 1070 GPU my PC is really having a hard time to create the orthophoto.

My gear


Max out your RAM before any other upgrade, and then get a dedicated NVME SSD for SWAP/Page File (2-4x the size of your physical memory) next.

Then consider CPU and GPU, in that order, IMO.


This week I will build a new PC with these components that I just ordered Bestelkosten berekenen - Pricewatch - Tweakers
It was about time to upgrade anyway.
I will keep my good old GTX 1070 GPU for now.
I hope to finish the PC build by the end of this week and try WebODM again.


I build a new PC with these specs
CPU - AMD Ryzen 9 7900X
Ram - 32GB G.Skill Flare X5 F5-6000J3238F16GX2-FX5
SSD - WD Black SN770 2TB
GPU - I re-used my old GTX 1070

With this machine I was able to create the orthophoto.
The resolution is 14666x20752 pixels

WebODM settings:
auto-boundary:true, dem-resolution:0.3, dsm:true, orthophoto-resolution:0.3, pc-quality:high

Thank you all for the advice.
Next step will be to shoot photos with faster shutter and create the orthophoto again.



You need at least 8gb vram to make use of the gpu.

I had 6gb and that didn’t work so I got a 3060 with 12 to be safe

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I believe I finally managed to produce decent images
Setting and flight:

and also create the Orthophoto using WebODM

Orthophoto as file and a couple of photos:

Behind the scenes:

Next step should be to fly again, but with the 3D printed mines in the field.

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