Orthomosaique export

I saw that ODM now had the possibility to work in multichannel and to perform the index calculation (NDVI SAVI and others). I have several questions on the export of these results, will be able to recover your orthomosaics of these indices
and will there be mono bands orthomosaics (red, green, blue, nir and other spectrum) or an orthomosaics with all the bands group together
awaiting your agreed responses my greetings

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@BORDENEUVE which commands did you use to run the NDVI index calculation?

hello philipperemy
I reopened ODM here is how to arrive at an NDVI image
1 import images
click option choose multispectral
click on review
2 once the image is created
click on see map
3 once the image is displayed
click on the layer icon with the drop-down menu in algorithm, we choose between NDVI, ENDVI, SAVI or others

small precision, once the photo is created, click on the plant health icon and then on the layer

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