Orthomosaic under shadows

Hi All,

I was building orthomosaic of a construction site using ODM from the latest commit.

Though the point cloud came good, the final orthomosaic stitching got distorted. Same set of images from other software came good.

I feel it is because of shadows or texturing problem??. Below is the comparision: left pix4d, right ODM

The point cloud was able to differentiate between different building blocks…but orthomosaic came clubbed…

I gave :
–orthophoto-resolution 2.57
–mesh-size 1000000
–depthmap-resolution 2048
–matcher-neighbors 0
–matcher-distance 0
–opensfm-depthmap-method ‘BRUTE_FORCE’
–min-num-features 60000
–mesh-point-weight 0
–force-ccd 12.8333
–texturing-nadir-weight 32
–mesh-octree-depth 12
–crop 0
–resize-to -1
–smvs-output-scale 1

Are there any parameters that I have missed to better the orthomosaic?? Or is it the shadows spoiling the final orthomosaic?

The images are shared in this link - https://drive.google.com/open?id=14opb07XR643N5UNJiF5x5Be1qsHqp3Mx

Thank you.

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I would remove:

With the latest version of OpenDroneMap. The distortion is most likely due to --texturing-skip-visibility-test (any reason you turned it on?)

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I thought it will fill the holes in meshes…my ignorance!..have to read more about the parameters!!

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No worries :slight_smile: I was just curious.

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