Orthomosaic resolution

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I have a question about the resolution of the orthomosaic.
I was wondering why I cannot have the same resolution for the orthomosaic as the orthophotos. Is it possible to get close to the resolution of the images thanks to custom parameters ?

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Sure, you can set the --orthophoto-resolution to your GSD or less (in cm).

It should then be capped to the calculated GSD of your dataset.

Thanks for your answer !

About the GSD, I realized that I had the ignore-gsd parameter check…
I am trying an other simualtion without checking this parameter.

I made many reconstruction with the orthophoto-resolution parameter and below a resolution of 1cm the reconstruction always failed.
I have to say that the terrain I want to reconstruct have a big slope (around 20°) and the camera I have is not of such good quality despite its price…

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Yeah, --ignore-gsd is a very heavy option and can lead reconstructions to fail in difficult to track-down ways.

I would say that it should be quite literally the last thing you investigate to increase the quality of your outputs, and even then, it is likely to be more trouble than help.

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Ok thanks.
I will work on that, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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