Ortho shifted and offset

Processed 145 Hasselblad nadir geo images from DJI.

here is cameras.json lens params:

“hasselblad l1d-20c 5472 3648 perspective 0.7777”: {
“k2”: 6.96931976610665e-05,
“projection_type”: “perspective”,
“k1”: 0.050710163444083856,
“height”: 3648,
“width”: 5472,
“focal”: 0.8841882633293552

I ran standard settings in latest ODM and also tried to tweak parameters in webodm. (also tried with older November releases)

  `--opensfm-depthmap-min-consistent-views`, `5`,
  `--min-num-features`, `20000`,
  `--texturing-nadir-weight`, `10`,

I also ran —fast-ortho mode

The resulting ortho is always offset to left and by about 100 ft.

I ran odm on several other datasets in the same region, sometimes it is offset, sometimes it aligns well.
Ran comparison to Dronedeploy and Pix4d. They align the ortho perfectly. See images.

What am I doing wrong? Thank you for helping.

Does the result change if you process with --camera-lens brown?

Excellent! Works perfectly.
I am reading up on the documentation.
How would one decide which option to use?

Always use brown unless it’s a wide angle lens or it fails when you try brown. :slight_smile:

And let us know how it goes with other physical cameras and datasets. Auto needs to be more likely than it is to choose brown, but in the meantime, we’ve considered making brown the default. It’d be good to hear back from folks on their experiences using it to decide if that’s a good idea.