Ortho looks 'melted'

I have seen this in 3d models before but not in a 2d overhead ortho. The flight was a simple Drone Deploy based flight of 133 images. The resulting png is here…

The changed defaults are:
Options: dtm: true, min-num-features: 15000, rerun-from: dataset, fast-orthophoto: true, dem-gapfill-steps: 6, dsm: true

I upped the gap fill steps. it did make some areas that were ‘missing’ have something but the lines are still all melted. Curious what other options I could try to get straight lines? I have used webODM on similar flights and don’t know why this one is so bad.

The images are on google drive here:

And for comparison here is the one free trial of drone deploy made:

--fast-orthophoto can struggle to generate sharp results in urban areas. Try to proces the data without that flag.

I tried that as well. Maybe my flight settings were not good enough for webodm. This ortho is trying to be generated from 78 images, maybe it is not enough?

Good day!
Similar problem: in Pix4D all orthophoto looks great, the WebODM has a wavy image.
The shooting was conducted on DJI Phantom 4 Adv
Options: min-num-features: 15000, rerun-from: dataset, use-3dmesh: true, dtm: true, use-opensfm-dense: true, dem-terrain-type: FlatNonForest, dsm: true, dem-gapfill-steps: 6, opensfm-depthmap-method: BRUTE_FORCE
Options: dem-initial-distance: 0.4, mesh-octree-depth: 12, use-3dmesh: true, dtm: true, dem-resolution: 2.5, orthophoto-resolution: 60, dsm: true, rerun-from: odm_meshing
What settings should be in order to obtain acceptable orthophoto?


I read this topic and tried with the following settings:
Options: texturing-nadir-weight: 32, mesh-size: 500000, dsm: true
The result was better, but still the objects are slightly wavy and the buildings have some side walls.
I also noticed that the file generated in Pix4D has a size 300 Mb against 90 Mb in WebODM
How else can you improve the quality of the orthophoto? Processing 85 photos takes 1 hour, I am ready to spend more time, since I do not do commercial activities, but the quality of orthophoto is important to me.
Overall, ODM is an incredibly cool system!


I tried to increase some parameters, orthophoto as a whole became quite good, but the roofs still look very wavy.
Options: mesh-octree-depth: 12, min-num-features: 32000, texturing-nadir-weight: 32, dtm: true, force-ccd: 13.2, mesh-size: 1000000, use-opensfm-dense: true, orthophoto-resolution: 2, dsm: true, opensfm-depthmap-method: BRUTE_FORCE, rerun-from: dataset

Good day to all! I’m relatively new to using ODM so I want to thank everyone who contributed to the creation of this software. Especially to major developers. Thank you.

And now I would like to ask one question on this topic.
I wonder did you maybe find solution to avoid “melted” orthophoto images?

I’m using native ODM on Ubuntu 16.04.
Thank you in advance.