Orbiting an asteroid

Is it an asteroid in space, or a volcanic rock? You be the judge :wink:

Must be one that NASA missed a collision with lol

Very nice model.

I know you have a lot of raw RAM but even with my nominal 15Gb that should be enough with 85 images. What were your settings and how is it that the support for it doesn’t show? Assuming it was perched on some stand, what did you do so that the point of contact was covered over in the model?

You have mentioned a removing sky setting - which is that?

Still puzzled by my results.

Thanks Julian. My settings were:

85 images 01:12:18

|Options:|auto-boundary: true, feature-quality: ultra, mesh-octree-depth: 12, mesh-size: 500000, min-num-features: 18000, pc-filter: 0.5, pc-quality: ultra, resize-to: -1, texturing-outlier-removal-type: gauss_damping, use-3dmesh: true|

The support doesn’t show up for a couple of reasons- I moved the object on the support (a short length of 22mm Al tube) a fair few times, so that it didn’t appear in the same position relative to the rock, and also I made sure it was not in view for the majority of the photos. This was about the maximum amount of support visible.

Sky removal is one of the settings in the native Windows version, I assume you have that option in Docker too.
[INFO] sky_removal: False

It’s only recently been added, but may help remove large nearly blank areas from the images, as it creates masks. That’s only my supposition though, Piero should be able to explain how it functions.

Interesting. So while you have to take lots of photos of the support area, maybe say 20, you move the tube position so that it is not the same in more than a few images.

With my flint that would be difficult since there is only one small area where the item can be balanced on the support. How much did you move the position of the tube - a few mm?

I have the Mac version of Docker and have not seen this sky removal term. So it’s not in the WebODM settings that one adjusts before the image upload starts?

I was able to support the rock in 5 different places, so it was moved cm rather than mm.

Can you balance the flint on its end, embedded in plasticine? That way you should be able to get plenty of photos excluding the support.

Yes, I can try that which will just leave how the blob of plasticine is managed in the images. I will have a go today and report back.

I will also try and fine the sky removal option.

Leave it out of view as much as possible.

I found it hard to leave out the support especially as I need the area around it to be in the 3d model.

I tried with the flint on its end as suggested and got this:

and then combined the set of images with it on its flat side hoping that the bit on the end covered by the black plasticine would be completed from the other set of images. The result was just as bad:

So I used my ‘3D Photos’ app again and got this:

which is fine except for the missing end.

The full model of this is here: Flint 2 - 3D model by Kerrowman [799f32e] - Sketchfab

It seems I’m having to admit defeat with modeling small items completely, especially with WebODM :frowning:

I’m willing to have a go at it if you are able to share the images

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