Options organisation

I have the book “Opendronemap The Missing Guide” and was looking though it whilst selecting options for a task. I noticed that in the book the options are listed alpha numerically, which makes sense. However in WebODM (I have the build current as at time of this post) the options are all over the place. I wasted a lot of time scrolling up and down all the time trying to find the feature mentioned in the book (and sometimes not finding them).

Is this an error in my installation? If not, can the options organisation please get some love? Alphanumeric (as in the book) would be great, if features could be grouped to related options (or daughter options to mother options) even better, and features that only become applicable if something else has been selected (that triggers it) become obvious and selectable only at that time would be first prize.

I also noticed that the “time” option seems to have been deprecated?

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