Option to add a custom base layer?


Saw this finished github issue ([Feature] Option to add a custom base layer · Issue #602 · OpenDroneMap/WebODM · GitHub) to add a custom base layer in WebODM. Is there similar functionality in the normal ODM?

Was hoping to be able to align a drone image with some custom base map, like in arcGIS (Auto georeference aerial photo in ArcGIS | burdGIS - YouTube), if this is supported.

I would suggest doing this in QGIS, if I understand your question. It has the facility to do additional polynomial alignment of images with control.

Thanks for the quick reply @smathermather! Yes, I think that could be helpful. I essentially have a base layer georeferenced to a high degree of accuracy, and I’m trying to georeference an aerial image by aligning it with this base map. I’ve seen some tutorial online about how to do this by hand (zooming in, panning until your display of the base map is at a similar location to your image, etc), but I was hoping that there might be an option to automate this and only run it through a command line. As far as I’ve seen, there are some academic papers, but no software that can do this completely hands-off. Is that even a possibility right now?

Ah, gotcha. Yes, I’m not aware of any Free and Open Source solution for this.

That’s about what I thought (thank you!). On a related note, is there any possibility to extract the position of a jpeg relative to (as in, the position inside) the orthophoto?

I was reading through Piero’s book for some ideas, and I saw that during texturing, view selection is used to determine which images are the best fit for a certain part of the mesh (which in my understanding, then becomes the basis of the orthophoto). Could I potentially add in some code to pipe these relations out? Or might there be another way to do this?