Option for imperial units

Have a client requesting deliverables in imperial units and there doesn’t seem to be any way to do this in the program.

It’s obviously not a big deal to hand calculate it, but it would make things much easier if there was an option to select what units to use for the entire program. Even to include which EPSG you use.


Bump for this because I still think its a great idea for those of us that are still uncivilized :stuck_out_tongue:

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We can export deliverables from the map view in Imperial units, provided you’re using WebODM v1.9.11 and up. Just don’t go using KML and we’re still cool :rofl:

Does it mean you can obtain the report.pdf in imperial using with webODM but not ODM ?

If not does it make sense to you to produce a report in imperial units ? What should be the other ODM deliverables that would benefit from a conversion ?

There’s currently no option for exporting the PDF report in imperial units.

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Ok, I had a look because I would like to generate a report in imperial units.
It seems that the values come from the stats of ODM and then are passed to the OpenSFM report module which is responsible for the “title of the lines/columns” including the unit.
My problem here is that it bothers me to add a parameter and pass it down to the OpenSFM module.
Do you think this would be useful ? Do you think this is the correct way of doing it ?

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I think it might be useful for some folks to have the report in imperial units.

To do it “cleanly” I think it needs a major change of how/where we generate the report (you would need to move it out of OpenSfM), generate the report data in JSON and then have WebODM export it to metric/imperial on demand (so generate the PDF on demand). The tricky part are images and figures, OpenSfM generates a few of those, and the previews we generate (for the DEMs) are in metric.

To do it less “cleanly” you would need to add parameters to OpenSfM, add a config to ODM and trickle it down the pipeline (e.g. --report-imperial). I don’t like this one too much since unit conversions should be a post-processing task, not a pipeline task?

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Ok this it more or less what I though.

Clean option is clearly a too big project for me at this point I think. Even if I agree with the architecture which I understand I am not much python fluent (more a cpp guy). I will need more time to dig into the architecture of ODM in order to understand it more.

The only picture that do not use pixels as unit is the first on on the summary page which represent computed position vs real position if I make no mistake.

And yes for me too if units are not an input parameters of all the calculations everything should be computed in meters (as it is now) and then during a post-processing stage all should be converted if needed.

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I think having imperial is vital for USA folks. basically I can’t show anyone anything in meters. So using the tool for roof measurements etc is a non starter