OPK with triangulation sfm-algo

Hi ,
I am trying to use geo.txt file with OKP angles and run in triangulation mode of sfm. All seems to be running well until densify point cloud step, where I get seg fault with “Child returned 139”
Right before it happens I get the below:

19:33:24 [App] Preparing images for dense reconstruction completed: 79 images (9s939ms)
19:33:24 [App] Selecting images for dense reconstruction completed: 0 images (5ms)
19:33:24 [App] Running MT on CPU
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Is that mem issue? What does it mean that no images get selected for reconstruction? has there been any known issues with using OPK? These are not taken from the exif (ie dji) - but I am generating them independently from ypr.


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Make sure you’re running the latest version of ODM (looks like you’re a version or two behind).

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I am using opendronemap/odm:3.0.0
Should there be an issue ?

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Potentially, yes. We are a rolling release and do not support superseded versions. Please always test on the current release when filing an issue report.

In this specific case, we’ve made some changes between versions that may impact this behavior.

Excellent thank you @Saijin_Naib
Will test


Using opendronemap/odm:latest all seems to start off fine until the below step and crashes after 6 mins
using geo.txt with opk and hor , ver accuracies

17:23:46 [App     ] Command line: DensifyPointCloud ... clip ...
17:23:46 [App     ] error: no valid point-cloud for the ROI estimation
Segmentation fault (core dumped)


these errors remind somewhat this thread - Project fails when combining nadir and oblique datasets though not exactly (@vonnonn)

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Can you try again under latest v3.0.2 ODM update? We might have fixed this during some work Piero did.

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