OpenSfM Stats missing & None type AttributeError

Hi all,

Been trying to process a relatively small dataset of 147 nadir photos and 5 GCPs with WebODM 1.9.7 on Windows 10 however it keeps crashing at the same point every time. Please see below screenshot and attached log file. Any idea how to fix this please?

Console.txt log file: Dropbox - console.txt - Simplify your life

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Could you please update to WebODM v1.9.11 Build 43 and try again?

Just did, still having problems looks like there must be something wrong with my GCP file coz it processes just fine without GCPs

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Very possible!

If you want, you can attach it here so we can help you sanity check it.

Would be great thank you. Here’s the dropbox link to the drone images and GCP file:

Drone imagery:
Original GCP file: Dropbox - gcp_list.txt - Simplify your life

I am tying to remove the problematic photos of GCPs from the text file and try again but here’s the latest log file of the failed process with WebODM:

Second log showing RuntimeError: Accessing invalid ShotID DJI_0658.JPG: Dropbox - console2.txt - Simplify your life

Third log showing RuntimeError: Accessing invalid ShotID DJI_0659.JPG

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Looks like it has passed the point where it used to stop - fingers crossed :slight_smile:


Yayyy ! All good now … still learning a new thing everyday with WebODM :wink:
And appreciating the affordable lightning option!

Thanks Sajin for your quick reply and kind offer to help

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Sweet! Success!

Glad you got it sorted!

Any time, that’s what I’m here for!

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